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DAVID LAMB - President of Otley Spiritualist Church

Adrian Clark has served Otley Spiritualist Church for approximately 15 years... Adrian is without a doubt an excellent medium who gives definite proof of survival from those who have gone before us

DEBBIE JENNINGS - Theatre Manager at Dewsbury Little Theatre

Adrian Clark, Spiritualist Medium has appeared at the theatre to give a public demonstration of mediumship. The evening was a great success and I was amazed at the positive feedback that I had received from the public.

I hope that in the near future Adrian will appear at the theatre again.


I would like to thank you for a wonderful night at the Riverside in Whitworth on the 1/04/09.

You have made myself and my family feel a lot better since the passing of our loved one. We still grieve but your reading has helped us a lot.

We look forward to seeing you in Septemeber and there will be a few more people coming as I have had two or three people saying they meant to come but didn't but will be there in Septemeber.

With best wishes and many thanks.


Hello Adrian, I saw you at Castleford Spiritualist Church on 17 June 2009. I can say that without a doubt you have given me evidential proof that my family live on and to me this proves that there is 'life after death'.

I have seen you demonstrate on many occasions in the past and it is a wonderful gift that you have. Keep up the good work.


Adrian was brilliant. Have seen him before and would see him again. Had a very enjoyable night. Thank you! - Laura

I think this was a great experience in my life. It has also opened my eyes to my career. - Nathan Gennery

A very enjoyable evening. Adrian hit on lots of things that were true. - O. Thompson

Unbelievable experience. Adrian was spot on. - A Pearson

Absolutely amazing. I have really enjoyed the evening and I am a true believer. Thank you. - Trisha Tyrian

I am 16 and have always been interested in spiritual and the paranormal, so tonight for me has being an extremely interesting and entertaining experience. Thank you. - Connor Carmer

I found it to be a really interesting. Very experienced and well knowledged medium. It really makes you think even though it didn't relate to me. - Will Buffett


I never believed in the 'Spirit World' before I came to see Adrian here tonight. My mum came through and I was very pleased. - Mrs Janet Willis

Enjoyed the evidence given which was very accurate. After seeing many mediums I would certainly hold him in 'high regard'. - Joyce Whitworth

I have thoroughly enjoyed tonight. Adrian was absolutely spot on as my 'Nan' came through. I will certainly see Adrian again. - Michelle Rowley

Tonight was an 'eye-opener' as my 'Nana' came through and it was intriguing as its nice to know that she is no longer in pain. - Claire Lester

Adrian is unbelievable and fabulous. I cannot believe the information that came through. You feel great afterwards. - Mrs Sandra Denby

I would like to say what a night. You were spot on. Everybody felt positive and a good atmosphere was created. Thank you. - Joan Jodes


Thank you so much Adrian for the reading you gave my mum on Friday evening. The information that you gave her was spot on from everybody in the 'World of Spirit' that she had hoped to hear from telling her everything she needed to know and hear. This has renewed her faith, trust and confidence in herself, her everyday life and her own work within 'Spiritualism'. Most of all thank you for putting a smile back on my mum's face. My mum thinks you are amazing. xx


Just wanted to say I thought your service at Idle Spiritualist Church was very beautiful tonight. The things you said helped me to get things straight in my mind. I came knowing that I wouldn't get a message I hoped for because it's way too soon but just needed to be near people that believe the same things as me.

I saw you and Julie earler this year. Julie gave me a very precious message and I wanted to say 'thank you' to both of you for giving so many things. Love and kind regards, Gail


Hi Adrian, my name is Claire. I have been to two of your venues this week namely Batley WMC and Gomersall Public Hall. I didn't receive a message but I was very impressed with all the messages that other people were receiving. I will be contacting you for a personal reading to see if anyone tries to contact me as it really would mean alot to me.

NICOLA POWELL - Private Reading

Hi, I would just like to thank Adrian for a private reading that I had with him on 13 March 2010. It was fantastic. I've never believed in the 'after life' but after my reading I now believe that there is an 'after life'. My reading was very true which made me laugh but also made me feel very emotional. I would like to thank Adrian for such a lovely reading.


The evening of clairvoyance and mediumship was fairly well attended. Listening to feedback from the members of the club they thought it was a very professional and entertaining night. We are looking forward to you coming again in September. - Arthur Roberts.


I've known Julie and Adrian a short while and I have been flabbergasted by the accuracy of their mediumship! They are both professional and extremely approachable with no airs and graces.

Julie has told me things about my beloved mother-in-law who resides in 'Spirit' that even I didn't know and was confirmed as being true by my wife later.

Very recently she relayed to me that I would be coming close to another woman this year. As you can imagine being a married man I balked at the suggestion. Little did I know that my daughter I have never been in contact with through circumstance would get in touch like a bolt out of the blue. Talk about being floored! We are slowly building up our relationship.

Thanks Julie you are a very special person. With love and light. - Darren xx


On Wednesday 16 December 2009 we held 'An Evening of Mediumship and Clairvoyance'. The evening went very well. Lots of messages and most groups were contacted in the audience. We would definitely hold another one of these evenings. - Laurie Baines

CHARLOTTE WOOD -Private Readings

Hi Adrian, Me and the girls would like to thank you once again for a really interesting night. I'm sure your ears must have been burning on the way home as everybody were saying how fabulous and accurate you were with the readings. Thanks again for your time. Charlotte Wood


An Evening of Clairvoyance at your club.

There seems to be a growing trend around the clubs towards offering a more varied range of leisure activity rather than the traditional entertainment. A relatively recent inclusion in this is the growing popularity of clairvoyance demonstrations.

My local social recently gave me the opportunity to see this firsthand at 'An Evening of Clairvoyance and Mediumship' with Adrian & Julie Clark.

Adrian gave an excellent opening address explaining wehat was likely to happen during their presentation. This helped to settle the nerves of one or two in the audience who didn't know quite what to expect.

The initial demonstration by Adrian was later followed by Julie and both were very well received. Spiritual contact was made on behalf of several members of the audience and a few of these were quite openly moved by the experience. Two examples spring to mind, the first was a lady who had been in the land army during World War 11 who received a heartening message. The second concerned someone, quite sceptical of proceedings, whom I have known for many years. Contact was made not only with her late father but also with a much loved family dog.

Of course, during just two hours it isn't possible for everyone present to be able to receive a personal message. However, everyone enjoyed the experience and now look forward to another visit.

I have managed to pop into the club on a couple of occasions since that evening and it is still quite a popular topic of conversation. Even those who I expected to be sceptical, or at least unmoved by the experience, remain strangely quiet...

There is a possibility that an evening of clairvoyance at your club would have monetary benefits. My advice would be to look not just at the financial situation but also consider the experience this would bring as a service to your club members. I'd bet a pound to a penny that this will become a regular, popular feature of what's on around the clubs.

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I would just like to say that I attended the evening event at the Fox and Hounds, Bullamoor on Monday 23 May, which I and my friend thoroughly enjoyed. I also wanted to confirm that the lady who came through at the end wanting a message to Tina (living) was correct. She had said that someone could not attend her funeral due to being far away - Germany. When I spoke to Tina (a friend) she confirmed that her Uncle could not attend the funeral and he lived in Germany, which is a great validation. I look forward to seeing you at future events. Many thanks - Linda


Thank you so much Julie for tonight. The healing that I received from you was wonderful, you are very gifted. The message that you gave to my sister, well it was unbelievable. I've been really bad recently trying to accept the deaths of both my parents in 3 days of each other and I have found it hard to get through each day. The bit about the teeth was amazing evidence, no one could have known that and even more so when you said that he forgave me for not putting his teeth in because his gums were so sore! Julie you are an angel and both my sister and I are truly thankful to you. I wish you every success with your wonderful work. Andrea Bailey, Leeds


We would like to thank Adrian for a very enjoyable evening at The Allerton Court Hotel, Northallerton, which was in aid of The Alzheimer's Society.
Those who received messages were delighted at how accurate Adrian was. Everyone said how brilliant he was and how much evidence he provided.
We have had a lot of requests to hold another evening with Adrian. Thank you very much.

Karen and Tracey.

Just wanted to say how intrigued I was by the evening at Allerton Court. I was the last person of the evening who you spoke to alot of which made sense, some did not. However I was totally impressed and near convinced about mediumship.



I saw you at the above venue and thought you were brilliant! I was the singer who performed after you and leant you the radio microphone to use! Like I said, I have never truly believed in there being a Spirit World and being able to talk to people who have passed on, but I must say that fter tonight, I might be wrong for not believing. It was a very impressive display and I am definitely going to open my eyes a bit and learn more about it. At some point I would like to book an individual reading with you as I would like to experience it closer! Thanks for a great night. David Tattersall

Medium and Investigator
Medium and Investigator
MOST HAUNTED EXPERIENCE - Paranormal Ghost Hunting

Adrian really puts you at ease on events...His amazing gift of communicating with the Spirit World is evident..Shocking the team and the public with the precise information he gives out..Adrian is not given prior knowledge about any of our locations...but can get names..dates and describe what is given to him clearly...Peoples person..Bubbly..Dedicated and passionate about the paranormal...Good at teaching everyone and mediumship..A lovely guy to work with..Great asset to the team. (Previously known as GCUK Paranormal)

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CRAIG JACKSON- Private Readings

Hi Adrian, I just wanted to drop you a quick email whilst things are still fresh in my mind to say thank you so much for everything last night. I have woken up today feeling comforted and with a very different perspective and outlook on life. I am very grateful and so pleased that you chose to do this type of work, I have nothing but praise and gratitude for everything and I will strongly recommend you to everyone. The things you spoke of were so genuine and specific, even down to the smallest details which has confirmed to me that there must be something else after this life and it has also put a lot of things at ease in my mind, thank you so much. I am sure we will see you again in the future too!

KAREN - Private Readings

Hi Adrian, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing reading last night. I have felt so peaceful and happy all day and light with no worries. I will definitely recommend you to everyone.